The Board of Trustees for the Webb City Public Library consists of 9 members appointed by the Mayor of Webb City. 

Current members are:

Sue Oliveira, President, 2nd term, end of term 5/31/2024

Lisa Martin, Vice President, 3rd term, end of term 5/31/2026

Hilary McCaw, Treasurer, unexpired term, 5/31/2025

George Thullesen, Secretary, 3rd term, 5/31/2025

Lucinda Copeland, 3rd term, 5/31/2024

Cathy Hall, 2nd term, 5/31/2024

Jennifer Hoffman, 2nd term, 5/31/2026

Jessica Taylor, 1st term, 5/31/2025

Debra White, 1st term, 5/31/2026

By-laws of the Board of Trustees can be found HERE.

Library policies approved by the Board of Trustees can be found HERE.

For a list of Head Librarians/Directors through the years click HERE.

Current FY Agendas

Board Minutes

Board Packets